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CORE Technology

(Channeling Optimized RF Energy) features three distinct RF frequency channels (0.78 MHz, 1.71 MHz and 2.4 MHz ) and an additional 4th dimension, multi-channel mode, that employs all three RF frequencies. The multiple RF frequencies provide optimized clinical results through superior treatment control, precision targeting, and broader dermal penetration


Penetration depth equation


 RF power targets cellulite pockets on various areas of the body, from thicker skin zones to more sensitive areas as well encourages production of Collagen and Elastin

The integrated vacuum therapy feature works with the RF power to increase blood flow, lymphatic drainage, stimulate the metabolism to shrink fat chambers and break collagen cross links.


Innovative, built-in cooling system ensures treatments are safe with minimal discomfort.

Enables the effective treatment of lax, sagging skin and stretch marks.


current passes through the patient to a large grounding  electrode / Pad located on the other side of the body.


BI-Polar RF  generated using two electrodes while both are in contact with the treatment area.

Thermal and clinical effects take place in the tissue between these electrodes.

Since bipolar energy is more localized, less energy is required to achieve the same heating effect.


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