Icelegend K808pro


  808nm diode laser hair removal machine is produced based on the development trend of laser hair removal market, adopts unique 808nm laser wavelength, penetrate the skin to hair follicles, according to selective absorption principle, laser energy is absorbed by the black pigment, then make hair loss regeneration ability, during the treatment, the unique sapphire cooling system can effectively protect epidermis is not burned, to achieve painless, fast, permanent hair removal.


1. 2. 1200w / 12 Bars, 1600w / 16 Bars

2. The highest 200J/cm2 energy output and 1-10Hz frequency for fast hair removal

3. The device can work continuously for 36 hours.

4. The machine uses air conditioning compressors for refrigeration, which can keep the temperature below 26 °.

5. And the resource of the manipula is just a colossal 50,000,000+ bursts.

6. When the machine is running, the noise is very small. 1-200mj

8. Cooling is divided into five levels. When using high energy epilation, it can be quickly cooled to speed up the hair removal rate.

9. There is a screen on the handle to display the energy used

10. Intelligent software automatically conducts self-diagnostics (each time the device is turned on, it checks the parameters and, in which case, informs the user about possible malfunctions) 

11. Two year warranty

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