LED Vertical Vcsel laser machine
LED Vertical Vcsel laser machine LED Vertical Vcsel laser machine LED Vertical Vcsel laser machine 
Altypical Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser is 
made of several layers. The top is a layer in
electrical contact for current injection. The next
layer, i.e. the second layer, is the high-reflectivity
mirror with 99% reflectivity. The next- third layer
is an oxide layer that develops a light-emitting
window so that the light beam can be converted
into a circular beam.
The next layer- the centre layer in the VCSEL is
the laser cavity. It is the active gain region where
lasing happens. Again there is an oxide layer
below the center layer to confine the light. And
the last layer is again a DBR- distributed Bragg
reflector and the last- bottom layer is a reflective
mirror with 99.9% reflectivity.