Thrip Wavelength Diode Laser Machine

Popular portable diode laser machine

Thrip Wavelength

808nm 755nm 1064nm

TEC Cooling System

TEC Cooling System,24 working without stopping

Coherent Laser Bars

USA Coherent Laser Bars

Spot Size


  The diode laser 808nm energy penetrates the upper layers of the skin and transters its energy to the hair. The energy is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair and converted to heat, which damages and ultimately destroys the hair follicle, without damaging the surrounding tissue to permanently prevent hair regrowth.  1. 10.4 inch color touch LCD display, multilanguage selectable. 2. Germany imported diode laser bars. 
3. Japan imported Cooling element. 
4. Germany imported water pump, no noise and long life. 
5. International hair removal Golden Standard. 
6. TEC make cooling, 24 hours work without stopping. 
7. Fast-safe-non invasive reliable treatment.

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