Two handpiece 2000W Diode Laser


4 /3 Combined Wavelengths, Two differenceLarger Spot SizeExcept for the 808nm/940+808+1064+755nm handle, the new Trio handle combines 755/810/1064nm wavelength into a single hand piece. It releases triple wavelength laser simultaneously to target different depth of hair follicle. The benifit of 3 wavelengths are utilized for optimum coverage and penetration to reach a ultimate hair removal result. The enlarged spot size achieves faster treatment and saves operators' time.


2 Years Unlimited Shots Warranty

The K19 high quality laser bar which is import from USA coherent .anti-condensation, dust proof and water proof, offers 2 years unlimited shots warranty. Reliable investment. No consumables.


2000W +1400W High Power

Lightning Fast Treatment

With 2000W +1400W high power, Laser bar delivers UItra Short Pulse to heat hair follicle uniformly to an optimal temperature in very
short time without heating the epidermis. It provides maximum safety, comfort and efficiency without side effects


Product advantages

1.America Coherent imported laser bar 2000W+1400W with a high quality

2.2 years warranty no limited shots times 

3.Different spot size 12*24mm and 12*28mm meet different demand


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